Luxury Dive Packages

Looking for Luxury and Adventure join us on one of our Luxury Dive Charters

VIP Service at its best in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Scuba Diving – an El Tour Caribe company, is proud to offer a variety of hand-selected private luxury dive charters and vacation experiences for you, your friends and family.

Our goal is to offer you truly unforgettable experiences that are worth your precious vacation hours. Our team is proud to offer you a truly VIP Caribbean Experience, from helping you find the perfect vacation hideaway villa to changing tanks and serving you a frosty drink. Let us take care of all the details and personally show you the “WOW” of the beautiful Dominican Republic.

The El Tour Caribe Luxury Dive Package process is made easy by design. Simply decide on the experience you are seeking by letting us know what your dream vacation looks like:

Step 1: Choose Your Villa

Let us know what type of villa you are interested in? How many bedrooms will you need for your group? Do you want oceanfront or simply sea views or tropical garden views?

Step 2: Choose Your Boat

What type of boat do you feel is right for you? Small dive boat, dive catamaran or luxury yacht?

Step 3: Decide on how many days of diving/snorkeling you would like

Are we taking you diving only once during your stay? or are you planning multiple dive days?

  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Multiple Days
  • Overnight

Step 4: Tell us about who will be onboard

Are you all certified divers, snorkelers, wanting to learn to dive, or a mix?

  • 1-4 divers
  • 5+ divers
  • non-certified divers
  • only snorkelers
  • mix of divers & snorkelers

Step 5: Share with us your Budget

What is the budget you have for your dream vacation? We need to know if you wish to have a simply luxurious experience or an over the top extravagant luxury dive charter in order to make this your dream dive vacation.

Step 6: The Add Ons

Black car transfers, a private chef to prepare your favorite meal or a savory local dish, private dance and cultural shows, and helicopter tours, all are options that you can choose from and that allow us to personalize your trip so that it really is your dream vacation.

The Most Extraordinary Luxury Dive Charter

Overnight on one of our luxury yachts and spend two glorious days diving on some of the most remote sites here while our crew prepares fabulous meals for you. This is whithout a doubt, an unforgettable luxury dive charter, in diver heaven.

Once you share with us your wish list, then we can begin to design your perfect luxury dive charter package.

Should you have any special requests or simply a desire for a luxury yacht, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (809) 251-6543 and we will be pleased to go over all of your options.

Need more convincing that our luxiruous Dive Charters are right for you? Take a look and see what awaits you.

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